• Halo Tubephone w/Bluetooth - Ocean Fire cable

Ocean Fire cable system is a lively Blue/Green color.

The original Halo aviation headset with integrated Bluetooth 5.0!


  Best value and performance in aviation headsets!

  AVRCP, A2DP, Low energy, Noise canceling. 

Integrated LiPo battery lasts up to 20 hours between charges.  - No need to replace batteries! 

Control phone settings through BT connection. 

Multiple simultaneous device hookup, talk on your phone and connect to your iPad. 

Charges with latest USB-C charging port.


LOW gain option is for ERJ/CRJ* aircraft ONLY!!!  

Halo headsets are NOT TSO certified for 121 or 135 ops

Bluetooth is not currently available with Low Mic Gain option

Not available outside the USA

PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THE REGULAR HALO IF YOU FLYING AN ERJ/CRJ aircraft!  We do not exchange regular mic gain systems for low mic gain systems once purchased!

Halo Tubephone w/Bluetooth - Ocean Fire cable

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