Terms & Conditions

Your credit card will be processed and charged immediately upon placing the order. However, your shipment will be made as soon as the product is in stock and as soon as possible after your order, not exceeding 30 days. There will be NO confirmation of shipping or tracking activity. Assuming there is no back order, the product will ship as soon as practical.  Once shipped, your order should take approximately 3-4 days to reach you within the USA.


INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS:  PLEASE NOTE--- We have a STRICT USA SALES ONLY POLICY.  NO EXCEPTIONS. We DO NOT ship to addresses outside the USA.  Restrictions apply to CUSTOMERS with billing and/or residential addresses located outside the USA.  WE DO NOT ALLOW SHIPMENTS TO US-BASED Freight forwarding or 3rd party Postal Lock boxes. We DO NOT ship to hotels.  If you order a headset in violation of our policies and need service in the USA,  you will be responsible for ALL POSTAGE TO AND FROM OUR FACTORY REGARDLESS OF WHETHER IT IS IN OR OUT OF WARRANTY.