Our most popular headset. Excellent for Noisy Aircraft.

  • Quiet as ANR ! (30 - 45 ckb Noise reduction with proper insertion)
  • No batteries!
  • High fidelity Stereo/ Mono operation
  • No bad hair days
  • No head clamping
  • Superior ATC /speech intelligibility
  • Choice of Cub Yellow or Black colors
  • Lowest priced insert headset

Included with every headset:

  • 10 Standard size foam tips
  • 6 pediatric size foam tips
  • 2 triple-flange rubber tips
  • 1 Microphone windsock 
  • 1 Vinyl zipper case
  • Wire clip
  • 45 day money back guarantee

NOTE:  LOW gain option is for ERJ/CRJ* aircraft ONLY!!!  This is for aircraft intercoms without a squelch control and are always "ON" therwise known as a "HOT MIC" system.  If you don't fly a commuter ERJ/CRJ or have a hot mic system, PLEASE order the regular gain headset!!!!!

* While we do provide options for commercial pilots, we are not TSO certified for 121 or 135 operations.  There is NO REQUIREMENT FOR TSO CERTIFICATION for FAR part 91 operations for general aviation private pilots...  


PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE THE REGULAR HALO IF YOU FLYING AN ERJ/CRJ aircraft!  We do not exchange regular mic gain systems for low mic gain systems once purchased!

HALO (tm) Headset

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