Getting the ear tips in the ear canal is MANDATORY for proper operation!  Please watch



Related 3M Aearo video on the proper use of foam ear plugs.  Very relevant information for the Halo... worth the watch.



One ear doesn't work? Don't panic!


If one ear doesn't work, you have a very high chance that it is moisture in the tubes. That is your sweat and vaporized cerumen (yuck!). To check, look through the tubes held up to a light. Beads of moisture indicate a problem. Even if you don't see moisture, simply swap the right and left tubes to see if the trouble goes to the opposite ear. If it does, the blockage is located in the metal or clored plastic "damper bead" near the ear tip. It is a physical impossibility to clean these CANNOT be done!

Instead, simply cut the beads from BOTH ear tubes, blow out the remaining moisture from the tubes, re attach, then go fly. The beads have NO effect on speech intelligibility, and are ther only to smooth the sound for music lovers. To get a new set of sound tubes with damper beads and angle adapters, go to the store and order a replacement set.

(BTW, try this with the competitor's headset...moisture and wax get built up in their electrical/mechanical speakers and you will need to send their headset back to the factory for repair. Ours is a far superior design...just replace the tubes in the field...)


Sending for repairs...


CALL before returning for repairs to see if there is anything we can do over the phone.

(601) 316-7160 Phone hours are variable.

We are CLOSED every Monday and Thurday to see patients in the office

Do not leave a message on the phone. Instead contact Phil via e-mail at pmccand(at)


Steps for USA customers:

1) Return with prior phone authorization or e-mail contact. Send to address listed at the bottom of this web page.

2) Include a copy of any E-mail letters or description of the problem and where you believe that problem is located.

3) DO NOT require signature for delivery !!!


5) If the problem is outside the 2 year warranty period, and it involves a problem with an upper wire or headband that requires a major overhaul, include a check for $80.00 (includes complete overhaul and shipping). If there is a repair charge other than the $80.00 flat rate overhaul charge, we will include a note on the repair ticket when the headset is returned to you.

Note: send without insurance if at all possible. Insurance coverage almost always triggers a signature requirement. We have to travel nearly 40 MILES to pick up your package from the shippers, and we really don't want to do this! Please do not do ANYTHING that requires a signature for delivery.

Steps for INTERNATIONAL customers:

In addition to the requirements for USA customers (on the left), international customers MUST include TWO "HARMONIZED CODES" written on the customs form, or clearly written on the front of the package:

1) Main HTS code: "8518.30.2000 exempt 'C' "

2) Secondary HTS code: "9801.00.101"

3) Write on the customs form or package front, "WARRANTY SERVICE - return to manufacturer - No commercial value"

This alerts the customs officer to the fact that this is not commerce and does not involve exchage of funds. It is a service to a previously sold item so import duties and taxes should not be assessed to either party.

Claim $0.00 for insurance valuation if possible. Customs often uses an insurance value to assess a import/export tax for us to pay, even if the proper HTC codes are used and no commercial value is clearly stated on the package.