ANR alternative

Quiet as most ANR headsets without the pressure or weight

Hi Fidelity Stereo

Balanced armature speakers used in high-end hearing aids provide stunning audio sound


Jet Black

Jet Black+ Ocean Fire cable

Cub Yellow



No head squeeze fully adjustable headband. Super soft foam tips allow hours of flight comfort without cranial pressure.


Noise Canceling Microphone

Hear the pilot - not the plane



Priced near 1/3rd the cost of the "big name" headset manufacturers and Hundreds less than the "other guys", the Halo is a true value.



No wired speakers that go to your ears that can break with repeated use. Indestructible sound tubes deliver the sound to the ear from Hi fidelity speakers embedded in the headband.




Three Position Headband Microphone

Headset can be configured to be worn over the head, behind the head or on the shoulders



Did we mention, NO BATTERIES necessary? Even the Bluetooth model has built-in LiPo battery charged by a USB-C adapter.  Headset will continue to operate even if battery is depleted.



Google the words "Quiet Technologies Halo Tubephones" and find out what the world is saying about the QT Halo Tubephone. We don't influence the rave reviews. These reports are from real people who enjoy the best headset going!





The HALO Tubephone tames the loudest cabin noise, yet is comfortable for day-long trips. Properly inserted, the HALO is able to quiet the ENTIRE audio spectrum, not just the low frequencies of traditional ANR systems, resulting in the clearest tower communications you have ever heard. All this is done without batteries or overly complicated electronics. The result is the best combination of quiet and comfort you have ever experienced.




The HALO Tubephone comes with the widest variety of replaceable foam ear tips. The open-cell foam allows pressure equalization between the eardrum and the cockpit even with drastic and rapid changes in altitude - somthing that rubber eartips and custom earmolds cannot do. 

The frequency response of the speakers are optimized to restore the natural resonant characteristics of the ear canal even when closed to the outside environment. This resonance enhances consonant audibility improving speech intelligibility. This resonant enhancement is best appreciated when listening to music. Sounds are just plain breathtakingly clear.





Unlike the competition, the HALO headband is constructed from a soft malleable headband wire that accomodates any head size or shape. It can be molded as snugly as one wishes...even tight enough to withstand many "G's" without falling off.